As a world-class B2B provider ILR can facilitate a full range of marketing and advertising services whatever your requirements. A dedicated team of full time personnel provide design and production of

- commercial artwork
- advertisements
- copywriting
- tag lines
- logos
- slogans
- websites
- DVDs
- as well as exhibition booths
and conference materials.

In addition, through longstanding and close relationships with publishing houses and media distributors, ILR can negotiate and position your material as you want it, where you want it and at the best possible media rates. Our staff can assist with

- advertisement design and positioning
- corporate and public press releases
- promotional materials
- merchandise
- brochures
- magazines
- newsletters
- network member e-broadcasts
- as well as corporate, promotional
or training DVDs.

Graphic Design

ILR has an in-house team of talented graphic designers who support the IT and Marketing services and produce unique, top quality artwork and graphics, including multimedia and audio-visual products. This dedicated team can produce website designs, commercial artwork, logos, advertisements, brochure designs and associated media either to client specification or will develop themes based upon client ideas and philosophies. Just provide us with your desires and needs, then -