The famous One-on-One Meeting Scheduler was designed and built, and is supplied by, ILR. Users include WCA family, CIFA, FIATA, IELA, TIACA, CILT, etc.

The One-on-One Meeting Scheduler was designed to allow each attendee to make appointments with other meeting participants for individual 30 minute meetings. The system compiles all registered attendees information into one data base, allowing each attendee to manage and organize their meeting schedule more easily and rapidly. All attendees can see their own schedule side-by-side against schedule of other participants they would like to make an appointment with, so they can select a time when both parties are available.

The famous One-on-One Meeting Scheduler is now available to any potential user, in any industry. If you hold conferences, events and meetings this is a must-have tool for your delegates and attendees.

No longer the reserve of the logistics industry, ILR now offer the complete system as single-use licenses, multiple event licenses and long-term usage agreements, all with customized design and full IT support. Click here for more information: